• Phone: +234 803 000 0000
  • Secretariat: info@igsosaglobal.org

Our Vision

To make Ibadan Grammar School a centre of outstanding scholarship
where students can develop competence in academics and other areas of life.

Our Mission

  • To enhance the capacity of the academic staff to impact on the students through seminars workshop and short retraining programmes in collaboration with the school authorities.
  • To create a sense of pride in the current as well as old students by making the school a centre of academic excellence.
  • To create an attractive outlook for the school through standardization, rehabilitation, improvement and additional infrastructural facilities in line with the school’s prepared master plan and ensure security of man and materials within the school premises.
  • o strengthen the bond among IGSOSA Branches, Chapters, Class-sets and Individuals through creation and organization of activities and programmes that will bring them together for rewarding and interactive purposes.
  • To motivate IGSOSA Branches, Chapters, Class-sets and Individuals to continue to support the development of the school through awards and other appreciation programmes.
  • To stimulate the interest of staff and students in co-curricular activities that will enhance the quality of their lives.
  • To ensure an all-inclusive association in which every member, whether home based or in diaspora, will have a sense of belonging and full participation.
  • To provide every physical, moral and spiritual assistance that will ensure that there is no departure from the motto of the school: “Deo Et Patriae” – “For God and our Fatherland”.